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I’m Katie, a graphic designer who mostly somersaults through life. My blog is all about things that inspire me – be it art, design, or other snippets i find along the way.

Things I have learned…

Recently I was inspired by the graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister, who had put together a list of what he had learned in his life. I decided to make my own list and granted, there are many many more things that I have learned, but this is the top 10 that I feel have had the biggest impact on me:

Top 10 Things I Have Learned In My Life

1) Being truthful is the most important virtue, for once trust is broken, it is hard to gain back.

2) People are people, and everyone has a story.

3) Focusing on the past or the future will get me nowhere, I need to live now.

4) Helping others always helps me.

5) I am responsible for everything I do. There’s always a choice, and it’s up to me.

6) Travel gives a new perspective to life.

7) Everything is beautiful-you just have to see.

8 ) New ideas and inspirations are necessary for my growth.

9) “Accidents” can sometimes be the best thing for you.

10) Family is the most important of all.

Well there you have it, my top 10. I’m sure this list will change over time, but for now, I will look to it as a guide and reminder to myself when i lose sight of what’s important.


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