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design that matters?

This poster is hilarious! Funny but truthful, Frank Chimero has totally hit the mark with his punchy posters. The importance of design is something that I’ve been contemplating ever since deciding to be a graphic designer. I’ve been aimlessly trying to find the meaning, the benefit. It seems so frivilous to spend my days worrying about letter spacing, fonts, and screens of PMS colors when there are people starving in Africa, homeless folks, citizens without healthcare, and people fighting the war in Iraq. At the end of the day, will what I do make a difference?

I want to make a positive mark on society, not contribute to its downfall. Much of what designers do is promoting/advertising/selling the clients’ products or services. We design things to the best of our ability to entice consumers to buy things they don’t really need. Not to mention the countless waste that incurs with the field of design: paper proofs, toxic inks, power to run technological devices, etc.

Don’t get me wrong-i LOVE being a designer. I get to be creative and have the satisfaction of knowing that I am producing my own work. I get to see a project through from start to finish, which is awesome! This need to create is embedded deep within me, and I can’t imagine doing anything else for a living. But I can’t help but find my conscience pondering the ethics behind design. Wondering if what i do will make a difference and hoping that design really does matter.




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Design that matters?…Design That Matters:

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thanks for the link…i found another one related to the matter:

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