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i used to be involved in this really cool thing called capoeira, an afro-brazilian martial art/dance. capoeira first came about in brazil, where slaves from several different african cultures were thrown together. the slaves combined fighting, music, and dance elements of their culture to protect themselves from white slave owners. i fell in love with it while traveling in brazil and sought out classes when i returned home to dsm. and for a short time (by short time, i mean a mere few months) i was a member of the Cordão de Ouro. it was an awesome experience and i can’t say enough good things about the organization or professor Xará. capoeira is an art, a thing of beauty. i have a great respect for those who practice it because it takes hardwork, dedication, and a reverence for the past. it has been passed down through generations and is rich in tradition. those who jump in, must do so with their whole being (both figuratively and literally speaking – those were the best workouts of my life!). but as an already-too-busy college student, time and energy were things i just didn’t have. so i gave it up. but one day, i’d like to start up again. someday, i will.

here’s how the experts do it….



here’s my pathetic attempt….



pics are from our group’s performance in east village, 2005.


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  Norberto – Start Playing Capoeira wrote @


I liked your post about capoeira. I train with Contra Mestre Denis in Champaign, IL with Cordão de Ouro.

Keep up training whenever you get the chance. What I’ve found was that eventually capoeira naturally became more important to me and I started to make more time for it.

Either way, good post and good luck in life!

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