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sea of gray

This is what I see everyday. Gray, cold cubicle walls (if you could even call them walls) surround me as I attempt to feel inspired to create, for lack of a better term, art. Welcome to corporate America.  A place where blending in is the norm. Every floor, every bathroom, every chair looks EXACTLY the same. Here, I am just a single fish in the sea, one out of thousands, swimming in the same muddy water as all the other fishies. Here, people are taught to act, work, dress just like everyone else. Individuality is pretty much thrown out the window with every blanket statement regarding equality for all. Gag me.

Smells of disgusting leftovers, crappy frozen dinners, and pungent body odors waif over the walls, permeating my space. Gag me x2.


And I mustn’t forget the fluorescent lights! They cast a muted haze over everything, which only adds to the grayness. And no matter what complexion you have, they are sure to make you look pasty & oily.

Obviously not the best place for an artist to feel stimulated and/or inspired, eh?

At first, I thought it was would be exciting to be working in a place that thrives, that has a pulse. People always coming and going, taking care of business. Then I realized that, none of these people CARE. I ride up the elevator everyday with any given 10 people or so. NONE of them take time out of their day to greet one another. NONE of them take the time to say a friendly “hello, how are you doing today?” And even the few people that I work with on a daily basis have a hard time mustering up a simple hello, let alone take notice that I am actually a human being. Little do they know that a small gesture like that has the potential to make or break my day. Now, I’m sure you’re thinking-why don’t YOU say hi to THEM? Been there, done that. It doesn’t work. A lot of people just look back at me with this expression on their face that says “Leave me the hell alone.” So you can see that by being surrounded by many people working under the same roof for the same cause, one can start to feel very alone. Maybe I’m just finally figuring it out, maybe this is the harsh reality of how the world works. Maybe the majority of people nowadays are just selfish,  self-centered, self-serving souls who really don’t care about anything other than themselves. I hope for all our sakes this isn’t true.



  Joseph wrote @

That sounds like crap. I used to think that everyone is an individual in their own way, and everyone has some kind of creativity, but I don’t think that’s true anymore. I feel like there ARE those people out there like you are talking about. They are just drones, robots, whatever, who were born to blend in. But I’m glad that I’m not one of those, and I’m glad you aren’t either!

  thinkdig wrote @

I know, it’s so sad that people can’t even think for themselves. And the micromanagement in this place is ridiculous, nobody wants to step on anybody else’s toes. I realize that my post was a little exaggerated-not EVERYBODY is like that. There are great people out there who are true individuals who stand up for what they believe and I totally respect them for that. I was just venting about what I see day in, day out. Agh.

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