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a resurrection





remember back to my posts about wanting a new city cruiser and a posh speedster? well, i finally have one! courtesy of T’s mom, I now have a vintage ’72 Sears 3-speed austrian import! Although I originally wanted a Dutch-style one, this one suits me quite well. we hauled it home saturday night and spent all day yesterday getting it in working order. (thanks, tony!) let’s just say i learned  A LOT about bikes yesterday….and changing an inner tube/tire is not nearly as easy as it looks. haha. but needless to say, the bike was in amazing shape for it’s age, and i’m absolutely thrilled with the fact that we’ve resurrected her from the dead. don’t be surprised if you see me zipping around the city on this soon.

For more info on classic bikes, check out the DSM Bike Collective.



  Classic Cruiser « Paprika Brigade: Blog wrote @

[…] from Sears to trek all around Ames, Iowa. This weekend Katie and I fixed up my Mom’s bicycle (read more about it and see a few more pics from Katie here). Surprisingly, the 1972 Sears 3-speed needed very little work to get it going. We gave the whole […]

  Kevin wrote @

Fixing those 2 old Sears 3 speeds?

I just picked a 68 model up, rescuing it from the trash. I won’t claim it’s a Tour De France bike, but with a little work, I will give it away and recycle it, for someone to enjoy it for a few more years.

That 3 speed hub seems to have a bunch of life left.

As long as it’s safe, I love putting bikes back on the road.

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