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I’m Katie, a graphic designer who mostly somersaults through life. My blog is all about things that inspire me – be it art, design, or other snippets i find along the way.

get going kate…


life has a way of spinning me ’round and ’round then setting me down in front of the very thing i’m after. it’s kinda cool, really. call it a blessing, call it a kick in-the-butt, yet it always knows.

i’ve been struggling with my complexion for close to 10 years. dermatologists, medications, harsh topical treatments–the whole shebang. and still, the problem was always there. frustrated by it all, i decided to see a naturopath [dr. sandy seeman @dragonfly healthcare] almost a year ago. she explained to me that all the methods i had been using to combat my acne were only treating the symptoms, not the underlying causes. she “prescribed” me various supplements and a change in my diet. i finally felt like i was making a good decision for my body and went into it full speed ahead. but my new diet didn’t reap the benefits that I had hoped for, and over time i began to return to my old habits, giving up on “going natural”. yesterday, i broke down and visited a new dermatologist. although i felt like i was making a huge step backward, i had had enough. i should have known better. i was immediately turned off by the dr’s robotic attitude and routine prescriptions. why did i think this was a good idea? so i spent most of the day debating whether or not i should get the drugs filled, all the while knowing that i was giving up on something i believe in.

then something happened. while perusing my daily blogs, i came across Crazy Sexy Life, by Kris Carr. greeted by the mantra, “make juice, not war,” i was immediately intrigued. kris was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that was said to be incurable, but was determined not to let it beat her. she began using alternative medicine and altering her diet/lifestyle. today, her cancer has stabilized, and she is a role model for so many people in question of conventional medicine & health. Her funny, entertaining writing style and inspiring story was just what i needed to get me back on track.

i was struck over the head with two messages: 1) life awaits me. i need to just get on it & LIVE in every sense of the word.  2) i can be healed. it’s up to me to do what i can do to meet my body half-way. the skin is the biggest organ and what i put on it is what is absorbed. do i really want toxic creams and pills going into me? HELL NO.

and so i’ll do what it takes by introducing my body once again to a raw diet, taking the necessary supplements, regularly practicing yoga, detoxing my body, getting enough rest…and by doing so, will finally be free.

sometimes you have to take a step backward in order to move forward. no more impatience, i’ve got the faith now. i can make the commitment to my body. i can and i’m ready. now it’s time to get going.


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