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seeing red

a few weeks ago i went back home for my sister’s graduation. i had freshly dyed my hair for the occasion so it was a tad brighter than normal. i personally thought it looked pretty rad, but was quite the shock to the conservative, rural peeps who showed up at my sister’s open house party. i was given weird looks and less-than complimentary remarks all day but the icing on the cake was when i was greeted by the mother of one of my HS friends with a loud gasp, followed by ” What happened!? You poor woman!!!” i was infuriated! it took everything i had to refrain from screaming back at her. $%&@!!! instead i gave her a fake smile and went on serving up sandwiches, all the while fuming inside. looking back, it was silly to get so worked about her comment. why should other people’s opinions matter so much to me? i found this image/quote last week and wish i would have had this mentality…


i mean really. who cares what they think? my hair’s red. i happen to love it that way. and if people think i’m crazy for it, well…maybe i am, maybe i’m not. but either way, i’m happy with who i am no matter what color my hair is.

Cool people with red hair:

Clementine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind:


A Fine Frenzy‘s Alison Sudol:



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  Joseph wrote @

I love Clementine! And Alison Sudol (that’s so weird, I was just thinking about A Fine Frenzy the other day and how I couldn’t remember that Alison girl’s last name).

I always got those kind of comments with my hair when I dyed it. Granted, a lot of times it would look either black or blonde to the extreme (in a bad way) because I didn’t get it professionally done, but still, people can be rude, even when they don’t mean to be. I think hair dying is kind of something to get out of your system. Like, I’ve had my hair a bunch of ways (more so before you actually knew me), but now I am happy going natural because I’ve already experienced it with a different color.

I think you should go with Clementine and dye it blue and green and whatever color you are in the mood for!

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