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I’m Katie, a graphic designer who mostly somersaults through life. My blog is all about things that inspire me – be it art, design, or other snippets i find along the way.


i lost my job yesterday. even though i had seen it coming for some time, it still hit me like a ton of bricks. no one can be prepared for it to happen. as the meeting with my bosses went down, i heard what they were saying, (there’s just not enough work, it’s not you it’s the crappy economy,  blah blah blah) but I wasn’t really there. i was frozen; transcended from the situation. me? laid off? that just doesn’t happen. i guess that watching from the outside was my way of dealing with it, of keeping it from becoming real.

but as i lay awake in bed tonight, it suddenly became extremely real. overwhelmed with thoughts of what to do, actions to take, responsibilities i have. my brain was sent into a panic about the bills that will need to be paid, loans to pay off, getting my portfolio ready again, updating my resume, and the list goes on… i have so much to do and yet nothing to do at the same time.

i feel so helpless. knowing that nothing i could have done would have saved me my job, i was just next in line. now i’m just another statistic, joining the thousands filing for unemployment. Ugh. the thought makes me sick.

but regardless of how low i’m feeling right now, i need to stay positive. it could be a blessing in disguise as my mom always used to tell me. ha. life just threw me a curve ball and it’s up to me to ride it out, see where it takes me. i have to admit the thought of change is exciting. a fresh start.

luckily, i have a great support group of friends and family to stand by me. but it will be rough for a few days as i adjust to this life-changing news. i might not be posting too much in the meantime, or maybe i will. ya never know. i love you all.



  Joey wrote @

Oh Katie,
although I don’t know the feeling of losing a job, I do know what it feels like to be unemployed. Prepare your self for a stressful, lonely, “stuck in a rut” feeling that you can’t get rid of. I know it will be hard but you’re extremely talented and a great person. Great things await you, I know it :)

Get your ass out here and stay with us for a while! I’ll get Jerry to buy your ticket :) Love you so much XOXO Let me know if I can do anything.

  bethany wrote @

wow, katie. i’m sorry. i know you’re not looking for any advice right now–luckily i don’t have any anyway. but i want you to know we’re here for you and we love you. and it’s going to be ok.

want to come over for a drink?

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