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seek and you shall find

this is how i’ve felt for the past 8 months – seeking, searching, looking to find my place again after being laid off. and finally, after countless interviews and far too much stress,  a new opportunity fell out of the sky and landed right into my lap. lesson learned: good things happen when you are patient and have faith.

as promised, here’s some details about my new job…

#1. it’s located in a renovated house on Grand Avenue, that was built in 1913. i LOVE houses with character! oh, and they share the house with an architect firm. how cool is that?

#2. it’s a really small firm, with only two other designers besides myself. they have a really good reputation in the design community, and work with some really great clients including Django, Raccoon River, Centro, Hotel Fort Des Moines, Gateway Market, Principal Financial Group….To view examples, check out their website at

#3. and last but not least…i’m so excited to be designing again! Yay!!!  :)


creative block?

creative block, you say? here’s a link to some great advice from some fellow creative souls: ISO50

hello, friday

it’s what gets me through.

[can’t recall where i found this photo. hmm.]


we are officially snowed in! i feel like a kid again-waiting in anticipation to hear that work was canceled, watching the news with excitement to hear the latest snow totals (des moines is up to 15 inches!) and road conditions, and watching the snow piling up and swirling around outside our window, desperately wanting to go build a fort in the thick of it. it is pure winter-wonderfulness! days like this makes me really wish that i had a fireplace. but for now, i think i’ll go make myself some more coffee and cuddle up under a blanket with my book….anyone read anything good lately??

bookcase love


I will someday have a bookcase as fabulous as this. ladder and all. (i hope.)

image via Cup of Jo.

fall in sherman hill

i love living ‘on the hill’ all year round. but it’s especially enchanting in the fall…








kudos to chocolate


not only does Theo Chocolate come in the most perfectly designed packaging, but is also the first organic and fair-trade chocolate factory in the U.S. to top it off, they use green energy practices and sustainable packaging /printing. who says that chocolate can never be guilt-free?