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I’m Katie, a graphic designer who mostly somersaults through life. My blog is all about things that inspire me – be it art, design, or other snippets i find along the way.

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thom yorke

check out this totally rad illustration of thom yorke! in honor of his grooviness, i’m putting radiohead on repeat this afternoon!

[image via ffffound]


new etsy goods


I have new artwork up on my etsy site, Curds & Whey! Paintings, typography collages, and notecards. Check it out here!

new website up!

for someone who doesn’t have a job, i have been quite busy for the last couple weeks. my days have been packed solid with job searching, preparing my portfolio, and the latest endeavor – a website for myself!!! thanks to my favoritest person ever, the site went up last night. it’s amazing to see my vision come alive in real, working order. now let’s just hope that it helps me nail down a job.

check it out right HERE!

ps. in other news, i’m saying goodbye to my red hair today at 4 pm. i’m trying to savor my last few hours with it. next up: brunette!





scavenger hunt


if so, these would be on my list …

-long dangly earrings
-chai tea, iced made with rice milk
-graph paper
-porch sitting, while rain falls down
-leisurely flipping through novelty art magazines

PDF Mags!

I just discovered two lovely websites that are a base for tons of free pdf magazines that are available to download on the web. Topics range from art, culture, design, music, tech, illustration, photography, traveling, etc. Click here or here to visit the site. My favorites include: Blanket, Analogue, Code, Two hundred by 200, Destructed, Design & Life, Soma, Contiudo, Amai.