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thom yorke

check out this totally rad illustration of thom yorke! in honor of his grooviness, i’m putting radiohead on repeat this afternoon!

[image via ffffound]


1920s woman

T and i went to a 1920s themed birthday party last weekend. i miraculously found all the pieces to my ensemble in my closet (minus the cigarette holder, $4.75 at the tobacco shop). i felt a little like miss hannigan from ‘Annie’ the whole night, sipping out of a nondescript MD 20/20 bottle.

strict joy


finally! the swell season have a new album out! for those of you who are unaware of the greatness-the group is made up of glen hansard and marketa irglova [made famous by their indie film, once] and glen’s previous band, the frames. i love, love, love everything about them and strict joy did not disappoint. you can listen here!

and on top of the heartfelt music, their cover & poster art alone is enough to pull you in. here’s what i mean…



birthday surprise

for my birthday, T got me tickets to see RENT, the musical, when it comes to the Des Moines Civic Center next month! i’m beyond excited and have always wanted to see it live. let the countdown begin!



groovy, man

i’m channeling my inner hippie today in preparation for T and I’s Woodstock-themed party tomorrow night. can you believe it’s been 40 years since woodstock? i was definitely born much too late, for i am a true flower child at heart. peace & love!


those summer nights

of course, this automatically makes me think of Olivia Newton John and John Travolta.  i can’t believe I still don’t own this movie!

the weekend started off with a visit from my sister & getting a little crazy.



friends joseph & joey were back from california! we met up with the whole crew downtown to see the Beati Paoli show at the Vaudeville Mews. it was just like old times! man I miss these 2 sooooooo much.


Remember this? somehow, in the 5 days they were here, J & J managed to throw the most PERFECT outdoor dinner party. don’t you love the outdoor lanterns and lights?!?


Let’s recap:
outdoors + good music + sweet drinks + summer heat + pool splashing + awesome food + goofy family + many laughs + fabulous friends = one AMAZING summer weekend.

seeing red

a few weeks ago i went back home for my sister’s graduation. i had freshly dyed my hair for the occasion so it was a tad brighter than normal. i personally thought it looked pretty rad, but was quite the shock to the conservative, rural peeps who showed up at my sister’s open house party. i was given weird looks and less-than complimentary remarks all day but the icing on the cake was when i was greeted by the mother of one of my HS friends with a loud gasp, followed by ” What happened!? You poor woman!!!” i was infuriated! it took everything i had to refrain from screaming back at her. $%&@!!! instead i gave her a fake smile and went on serving up sandwiches, all the while fuming inside. looking back, it was silly to get so worked about her comment. why should other people’s opinions matter so much to me? i found this image/quote last week and wish i would have had this mentality…


i mean really. who cares what they think? my hair’s red. i happen to love it that way. and if people think i’m crazy for it, well…maybe i am, maybe i’m not. but either way, i’m happy with who i am no matter what color my hair is.

Cool people with red hair:

Clementine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind:


A Fine Frenzy‘s Alison Sudol: