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creative block?

creative block, you say? here’s a link to some great advice from some fellow creative souls: ISO50


holiday wish list

Here’s a few things that I would DIE for…

TOMS shoes! love, love, love them. always! find them here.

the babycakes cookbook…written by the girls of the vegan bakery in nyc!

[or any cookbook really…i am really going to try to start making bonafide meals…really, i am!]

i have wanted a market bag by Moop forevvvvvver.

as a girl who has a quirky fetish for office supplies, i would like ANYTHING from the fabulous Present&Correct.

like these memo blocks…

or these colored masking tapes…

or this fabulous chalkboard…

coming soon: baby thompson

i co-hosted a baby shower for my dearest friend, rachael, this past saturday. i had so much fun designing the invites, sewing bow-ties on stuffed animals, making decorations, and planning games!

here’s some pics from the day… enjoy!

bookcase love


I will someday have a bookcase as fabulous as this. ladder and all. (i hope.)

image via Cup of Jo.

calendar love


these new seasonal calendars from Elum would be just the ticket to jazz up a desk space. and what’s not to love about letterpress.

deciding to decide

as a 100% purebred libra, i have a little trouble making decisions…ok, actually i have A LOT of trouble with them. what can I say, i like my options and refuse to choose between them. but that isn’t a very healthy or productive way to live. which is why i need this decision making kit from Knock Knock.



It even comes with Pro-Con & Gut Feelings notepads, an “I decided today” button and tons of other sweet stuff. Knock Knock has pretty entertaining products, good for a laugh any day.