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seek and you shall find

this is how i’ve felt for the past 8 months – seeking, searching, looking to find my place again after being laid off. and finally, after countless interviews and far too much stress,  a new opportunity fell out of the sky and landed right into my lap. lesson learned: good things happen when you are patient and have faith.

as promised, here’s some details about my new job…

#1. it’s located in a renovated house on Grand Avenue, that was built in 1913. i LOVE houses with character! oh, and they share the house with an architect firm. how cool is that?

#2. it’s a really small firm, with only two other designers besides myself. they have a really good reputation in the design community, and work with some really great clients including Django, Raccoon River, Centro, Hotel Fort Des Moines, Gateway Market, Principal Financial Group….To view examples, check out their website at

#3. and last but not least…i’m so excited to be designing again! Yay!!!  :)


happy new year!

happy new year! i took a little [okay, actually it was quite long] break from blogging over the holidays. the dreary days filled with snow have kept my creativity at bay, and i just didn’t feel up to blogging. but now, as spring is getting closer each day, i have a renewed attitude and so much to share with you. stay tuned for more inspirations, personal stories, and interesting tidbits.

letting go

“we must be willing to let go of the life we planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” – e.m. forster


so often do i catch myself trying to control every situation. i have a certain idea in my head of how my life should be, and when it doesn’t go as planned, it can make me angry & frustrated. but lately, i’ve been forced to realize that it’s utterly impossible to be in control of everything.

a week ago, i was in a bad car accident, which left my car totaled. and although i am beyond grateful that myself and my friend, debbie (who was riding passenger), were not injured, i find myself focused on the negatives. being jobless and now carless, i feel like every thought going through my head is “why me?” how can all this bad luck really be for the best?

however challenging it may be, i am convinced that letting go and simply letting life happen moment by moment is the only way to survive it all. i need to accept that even though my life may not be playing out as i had imagined, i am exactly where i need to be. that’s the thrill, right? everything that is supposed to happen, will somehow find a way.

it’s true that i really loved driving that VW, but it’s just a car. in the grand scheme of things, does what kind of car i drive really matter? no. not in the least.

so it’s time to move forward & embrace the changes happening in my life. because every experience, whether good or bad, shapes our character and makes us who we are.
[image via CaptivateMe]


i lost my job yesterday. even though i had seen it coming for some time, it still hit me like a ton of bricks. no one can be prepared for it to happen. as the meeting with my bosses went down, i heard what they were saying, (there’s just not enough work, it’s not you it’s the crappy economy,  blah blah blah) but I wasn’t really there. i was frozen; transcended from the situation. me? laid off? that just doesn’t happen. i guess that watching from the outside was my way of dealing with it, of keeping it from becoming real.

but as i lay awake in bed tonight, it suddenly became extremely real. overwhelmed with thoughts of what to do, actions to take, responsibilities i have. my brain was sent into a panic about the bills that will need to be paid, loans to pay off, getting my portfolio ready again, updating my resume, and the list goes on… i have so much to do and yet nothing to do at the same time.

i feel so helpless. knowing that nothing i could have done would have saved me my job, i was just next in line. now i’m just another statistic, joining the thousands filing for unemployment. Ugh. the thought makes me sick.

but regardless of how low i’m feeling right now, i need to stay positive. it could be a blessing in disguise as my mom always used to tell me. ha. life just threw me a curve ball and it’s up to me to ride it out, see where it takes me. i have to admit the thought of change is exciting. a fresh start.

luckily, i have a great support group of friends and family to stand by me. but it will be rough for a few days as i adjust to this life-changing news. i might not be posting too much in the meantime, or maybe i will. ya never know. i love you all.

feel like screaming?


how i’m feeling this morning: 1 part yawn from the lack of sleep, 1 part scream from the pain of yet another day of work ahead of me and getting a cavity filled at 8 am.

[image via FFFFound!]

be a trend-setter

those summer nights

of course, this automatically makes me think of Olivia Newton John and John Travolta.  i can’t believe I still don’t own this movie!

the weekend started off with a visit from my sister & getting a little crazy.



friends joseph & joey were back from california! we met up with the whole crew downtown to see the Beati Paoli show at the Vaudeville Mews. it was just like old times! man I miss these 2 sooooooo much.


Remember this? somehow, in the 5 days they were here, J & J managed to throw the most PERFECT outdoor dinner party. don’t you love the outdoor lanterns and lights?!?


Let’s recap:
outdoors + good music + sweet drinks + summer heat + pool splashing + awesome food + goofy family + many laughs + fabulous friends = one AMAZING summer weekend.