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Good news, Good day

Came across this cute poster today in my surfing. It’s totally fitting considering I have some exciting news for you…..are you ready??? I got a new job today!!! I’ll share more details tomorrow, but for right now, I’m going to finally enjoy the sunshine. :)


it’s friday, i’m in love!

very true. [via grainedit]

bon voyage

This super cute stack of suitcases is really making me want to skip the country, get away for awhile on an adventurous voyage… sigh… dreaming is nice though isn’t it?

[image via ffffound]

be mine.

we should share the love EVERY day of the year, not just on valentine’s day. but it is such a lovely holiday, don’t ya think?

[image from FormFiftyFive]

1920s woman

T and i went to a 1920s themed birthday party last weekend. i miraculously found all the pieces to my ensemble in my closet (minus the cigarette holder, $4.75 at the tobacco shop). i felt a little like miss hannigan from ‘Annie’ the whole night, sipping out of a nondescript MD 20/20 bottle.



hey, this bride has my hair! :) talk about making a girl swoon!

[via snippet & ink]

camp comfort

I am MEGA-inspired by these summer ensembles posted by miss roberta jane at camp comfort. If you haven’t already checked it out, do so NOW. [huge blog crush, right here.]